Reasons to Approach Success with Self Reflection

Lifelong LearnerDue to the rapid transition into the technological age, it is essential to self-reflect on your skillset and how you can better yourself to position yourself more prominently in your field. To maintain a stable economy and bolster employment, building soft and hard skills needs to continue throughout a person’s life for them to appropriately respond to changes and keep a competitive edge in their field.

Matt Mayberry at Entrepreneur says that “success is derived from highly motivated individuals” and “prioritize the creation of time…each day to educate themselves on new concepts and ideas.” After all, knowledge is now at the tip of our fingers with podcasts and news briefing apps like the Skimm. While it may seem like small attempts – it still signals a step in the right direction.

Learning goes beyond college or career preparedness and instead bolsters your library. Think of it as the routine maintenance you might need around the house. Knowledge also provides a sense of confidence that can encourage you to tackle the next hill or go for the next promotion. If you feel like you have the background to be successful, you are more likely to strive for those long-term goals.

Continued self-development also encourages engagement. By sharing your ideas and engaging with others about their beliefs, you grow as a communicator. The best conversationalists are well versed on a variety of topics making it easy to keep a conversation flowing. The point is that to be engaging you also have to be engaged and stay informed.

Each person is going to approach their professional development a bit differently.  Setting attainable goals, engaging with a community that supports your aims, and using technology to promote your initiatives makes the process more manageable.

While Arisleyda Urena seeks out her own purpose, she also draws inspiration from people throughout history who have found theirs. She is fascinated by music history and art history, and the way that people have expressed themselves and depicted the worlds around them via many different outlets. As someone who has always advocated for the power of self-help — and believes that every single person needs (and deserves) the chance to learn and grow — Arisleyda Urena encourages others to find their passion. For more from Aris visit or find her on twitter at Arisleyda_U.

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