4 Ted Talks for Achieving Your Goals

Arisleyda Urena 4 Ted Talks

Each new year comes with new opportunity and a chance to start fresh. You can start after your resolutions with all the vigor in the world, but there comes a time when everyone could use a little added inspiration. Enter TedTalks. In addition to being a great educational resource, a lot of Ted Talks also act as mini-motivational speeches.

The Key to Success? Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth

Let’s start this off with a short and sweet video from Angela Lee Duckworth. She encourages listeners to remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Just because you haven’t reached the finish line yet, with a little bit of drive and time you will. Grit is like the less attractive sidekick to success. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve one without a little bit of the other so keep pushing yourself even if it isn’t always fun.

The Power of Believing that You Can Improve by Carol Dweck

To achieve anything, people must evolve. Part of that is acknowledging your failures enough to recognize what you did wrong while also disregarding it enough that it doesn’t hold you back. Carol encourages listeners to remember that while you haven’t achieved your goals yet, continue to work towards it as all good things come with time (and a little faith in yourself.)

A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit by Judson Brewer

Sometimes your goal isn’t necessarily trying something new but instead tackling a long-standing bad habit. In this video, Brewer addresses how to kick out the old to make room for the new. As described on The Muse, “Brewer, an addiction expert, will break down the process of how bad habits form — and the crazy easy switch to get rid of them.” Sometimes it’s even as simple as redirecting your energy toward something positive and making a mindset turn toward the better.

The Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert

It’s not just you. Happiness can be elusive. Dan Gilbert manages to break down happiness, what actually makes you happy and how you can more easily achieve this vast emotion. As described on Under30CEO.com, “Dan Gilbert, author of “Stumbling on Happiness,” challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want.” We are an innately happy species and our just because things don’t go as planned doesn’t mean that has to impact our happiness.

Do you have a Ted Talk you love? Share it with me. Also if you burn through all the videos above and find yourself looking for another one to fill the void, check here for all 38 Ted Talks related to goal-setting.

Originally published at arisleydaurena.com on December 27, 2017.

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