What Is An Orphanage, And How Does It Help Children?


Have you ever wondered what happens to children that are no longer under their parents’ care? When children can no longer be taken care of by their parents, there are a couple options that they have. In instances like this, orphanages and group homes may come to mind, but many people may not know that these two programs differ in various ways. With that in mind, we will explore what an orphanage is, and how it compares to a group home.

What Is An Orphanage?
While orphanages are not as common as they used to be, particularly in the United states, they still are prominent in areas around the world. In general, an orphanage is a group home that typically takes children that have been abandoned, or left at the home by the parents, with the intent of not coming back for the child. For example, if a child’s parents passed away, the child would like be taken to an orphanage.

In other instances, the child’s safety may have been compromised at their home. For example, their parents may have been struggling with drug abuse, resulting in the baby receiving exposure to harmful chemicals. By intervening early in the process, the state ensures that those children are taken to a safe place, and in many cases, an orphanage. Children remain at the orphanage, in order to have a safe place to stay and grow.

What Is a group Home?
After learning more about orphanages, and what they are around the world, it is important to touch on group homes. While group homes have a similar foundation as orphanages, there are a few key differences.

To begin, unlike orphanages, group homes are filled with individuals who are unfit to take care of the child. Children may be taken out of their homes for a variety reasons, including domestic violence or unsanitary living conditions.

Children who end up in group homes oftentimes end up in a foster home, with foster parents. In this scenario, the children remain in a home. While this would always seem like the best case, it can be difficult to find the right home for a child.

For many of these young children, they are still at a very impressionable age, and living in an unstable home can adversely affect them. When a child is introduced to something like violence in the home, it can have a long, negative effect on them. By providing them the option for an orphanage or group home can help provide the safety and environment they need to prosper later in life.

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